Race Details

TGR Trail @ Braemar Hill, is the first of four races in the 2020 TGR Trail Running Series. Starting at LCSD Braemar Hill Road Playground, the race features a long course 45K with 2130M D+ of elevation gain and short course 15K route with 730M D+ of gain, which are part of the long and short overall series ranking championship.

Date: 2020-01-04

Distance: 45K / 15K / 5K

Start Time: 8AM / 8AM / 830AM

ITRA Points: 2 / 0 / 0

Start/Finish Venue: Braemar Hill Playground

Overall Cut-Off Time: 9HRS / 3.5HRS / 1.5HRS

Pacing (mins/km): 12 / 14 / 18

Elevation D+: 1500M / 738M / 196M

Strava: 45K
Strava: 15K 
Strava: 5K 

TGR Ultra @ Tai Po is our premier trail running event, spanning the amazingly beautiful northeast HK frontier including Plover Cove & Pat Sin Leng Country Parks. Challenge yourself individually or as a 2 runner team traversing the full 119K over two days, or a one day supreme effort of 75K (D+4180M) on Saturday or ‘extra distance’ 44K (D+2640M) on Sunday. If you’re only just getting into the swing of trail running, the short course distance is 18K (D+1220M) over Pat Sin Leng mountain range to get you going!

Date: 2020-03-21 (119K / 75K / 18K) to 2020-03-22 (44K)

Distance: 119K / 75K / 18K / 44K

Start Time: 12AM / 12AM / 8AM / 6AM

ITRA Points: 5 / 3 / 1 / 2

Start Venue: Hon Luk Yuen Country Club (119K / 75K / 44K)
Start Venue: Bride’s Pool Road (18K)
Finish Venue (all distances): Hon Luk Yuen Country Club

Overall Cut-Off Time: 35 HRS / 22HRS / 6 HRS / 12 HRS

Pacing (mins/km): 17.3 / 19.2 / 23.3 / 17.7

Elevation D+: 5270 / 4180 / 1090 / 2716

Strava: 119K (D1: 75K + D2: 44K)
Strava: 75K
Strava: 18K
Strava: 44K

TGR Immortals @ Pat Sin Leng, is the official Hong Kong Trail Running season opener, featuring our long distance 34K (D+1912M) and short course 19K (D+1047M). Starting from Kong Ha Au BBQ Site, runners soon take it to the limit over Pat Sin Leng Range, covering some of Hong Kong’s most amazing scenery and ‘off the beaten track’ trails of Hong Kong

Date: 2020-09-19

Distance: 34K / 19K / 5K

Start Time: 8AM / 830AM / 9AM

ITRA Points: 2 / 1 / 0

Start/Finish Venue: Kong Ha Au Barbecue Site

Overall Cut-Off Time: 10.5HRS / 6.5HRS / 2HRS

Pacing (mins/km): 18.3 / 20.3 / 24

Elevation D+: 1561M / 909M / 290M

Strava: 34K
Strava: 19K
Strava: 5K

TGR Summits @ Mui Wo, our most spectacular trail running race spanning the length of Lantau Island, from east to west. The 50K long route ascends all the major Lantau peaks with with D+3177M of elevation gain while the 27K ‘extra distance’ climbs D+1985M and the 18K short course is D+494M. 50km and 27km start at Silvermine Plaza, Mui Wo, while the 18K starts at Shek Pik Reservoir, South Lantau Road. All routes finish at the west end of the island in the picturesque fishing village of Tai O, Yim Tin Playground.

Date: 2020-11-01

Distance: 50K / 27K / 18K

Start Time: 9AM / 9:05AM / 10AM

ITRA Points: 3 / 2 / 1

Start Venue: Mui Wo Silvermine Plaza (50K & 27K)
Start Venue: Shek Pik Reservoir (18K)
Finish Venue: Yim Tin Playground, Tai O

Overall Cut-Off Time: 14.25HRS / 8.75HRS / 7.5HRS

Pacing (mins/km): 15.5 / 19 / 26

Elevation D+: 2090M / 1440M / 494M

Strava: 50K
Strava: 27K 
Strava: 18K